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re: Operative Healing Guide (work in progress)


I'm not going to completely reinvent the wheel for this guide. Check out Dulfy's excellent operative healing write up. I especially appreciate that the guide provides tips on user interface (so important!) and how to dps as a healer, which is vital for beating enrage timers in a progression setting. However, I have a different perspective on some of the Dulfy guide's recommendations.

Let's start with gear. Dulfy recommends getting your surge up and then bringing alacrity up to above 5%. I have subscribed to the idea that your alacrity rating should be at 450 or above. Why is that the magic number? Because operative healing is based around kolto probes. These probes last for 18 seconds. The global cooldown is 1.5 seconds. 18s divided by 1.5s is 12 global cooldowns. Thus, you can normally keep probes and 8 raid members and leave 4 global cooldowns for other abilities. However, 450 alacrity rating plus 2 points in the Deadly Directive talent will reduce your global cooldown to where you can squeeze 13 global cooldowns into 18 seconds. Adding an entire extra healing ability to your rotation can be a significant boost to your healing.

Dulfy suggests 2 piece Field Medic PvE and 2 piece Field Tech PvP as an alternate set bonus to the 4 piece PvE bonus. The 2 piece Field Medic PvE bonus is essential. I can't agree that an extra tick of orbital strike from the PvP set bonus is worthwhile after the nerf. Until you can complete your 4 set Field Medic PvE bonus, I highly recommend picking up the 2 piece Field Medic bonus from the campaign armorings available at the Classic Gear Vendor. This bonus lowers the cost of recuperative nanotech by 4 energy. It's a better set bonus than having 5 extra energy, but it comes at the cost of reduced cunning, endurance, and armor rating. The old 2 piece campaign set bonus stacks with the new 2 piece arkanian/underworld/etc set bonus.

I do not a theorycrafter, but it seems to me that your crit rating should be closer to 250 than 100, which is Dulfy's recommended range. Yes, its contribution to crit % will suffer some diminishing returns at that crit rating, but your Accomplished Doctor talent provides a 30% surge bonus to kolto injection, kolto infusion, and recuperative nanotech. Having a higher crit chance makes greater use of this important talent.


Healing rotations and ability priority - based on energy, tactical advantage stacks, and target's health %

1. 2 stacks of Kolto Probe on a set number of targets

2. Recuperative Nanotech (this ability is very underrated)

3. Kolto Infusion (also underrated!)

4. Surgical Probe (mention change in 2.7)

5. Kolto Injection (situationally)

6. Diagnostic Scan (when nothing pressing is going on, or emergency energy regen)

Skill tree - points in Lethal Injectors and Corrosive Microbes instead of Chem-resistant Inlays

The art of the stealth rez - 1. no DoTs 2. no HoTs 3. use evasion

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