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re: Brontes HM -- differences from SM for DPS


Phase 1: Hands & Fingers

Sometimes we kill both Hands together, instead we'll probably want to kill one first.  Picking the Right one, here is where it goes each time it burrows: 

Phase 2: Reaches

No changes.  Move to the outside, run the hell away.

Phase 3: Brontes & Kephesses

Orbs will spawn and target a random player.  If it's on you, you need to run into it and explode it (just like the Soa fight in Eternity Vault).  However, there's one important difference -- each orb has a stacking buff on it.  Try to run into it after 15 stacks to decrease the damage you take.  Don't let it get to 20 stacks; it will explode and probably wipe us.

Dealing with Kephess is the same but we're going to have to be on top of our interrupts.

Phase 4: Lightning & Droids

We must kill the first droid instead of ignoring it.  Ranged should head towards the second droid and help melee with the first.  Then starting with the second, get the droid to 30% or so and move to the next; let the melee finish each one off.  Don't stand near Brontes because you have less room to avoid her lightning beam.

Phase 5: More Hands & Fingers

This is the same, but we have to be more careful and precise than in SM.  You must be within 4m of your finger and you must move when a purple circle spawns under you.  Just move from one side of the tentacle to the other and you should be fine.  Tanks will be trying to slam orbs with the Hands; if one gets away and comes to you, pop the best CD you have.

Phase 6: Burn Brontes (Now with Hands!)

Two hands will spawn.  Get Brontes to ~35% (or about 10 stacks of debuff on yourself), then kill the one near the entrance.  Get her to ~20% (another 10 stacks), then kill the second one.  Then kill her as normal except there will be small purple circles in addition to the big one that need to be avoided at all costs.

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